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This blog follows my journey of 2 different cochlear implants and my condition: Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions I have started this blog 15 yrs too late but ill try my best to fit it all in! I have packed a lot of medical jargon into my life since I was 8.

There has been happiness and tears but I've come through it all with my family and my friends.I'm profoundly deaf as a result of a condition called Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions or mitochondrial disease RRM2B as my professor Sir Dough Turnbull calls it! I have had since birth but I didn't find out this til I was 19. I have had 2 cochlear implants (at the age of 8 and then i lost the 1st cochlear implant in my right ear after 7 years due to a bad, accruing ear infection (which I couldnt fight off because of my mitochondrial condition) at the age of 15 and had a 2nd one implanted in my left ear that same year which I have now.

My Story

8 April 2012


ohhh, where do i start??   why cant i keep my gob shut?? and avoid arguments? I only get into these situations because i am passionate about something!  i really cant be arsed getting into an argument that gets us nowhere!

If someone doesnt respect me and how i  work then they can get stuffed and i can concentrate on my 3 groups and my blog and mito awareness!  Why am I wasting time arguing when it gets me nowhere in life! 

If someone has a problem with me i would rather they give me a chance to expalin myself  and then they can have thier say! instead of using friends to fight their corner! That makes them cowards because they cant be bothered to see something through if they started this arguement with me then see it through and talk to me about it and see if we can work it out not  spread lies about me and ruin my good reputation!

I try to avoid arguments because they stress me out big time! and my  rparents often tell me that i shouldnt talk back and that gives them bait but i usually do run my mouth sometimes when i should keep my big gob shut! Well il be doing that in future to avoid arugments and i will concentrate on myself and my health and not get stresed out! because stress makes my mito worse and i tense up and my muscles get stiff and  i ususally spent the who next day in bed!!
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