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This blog follows my journey of 2 different cochlear implants and my condition: Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions I have started this blog 15 yrs too late but ill try my best to fit it all in! I have packed a lot of medical jargon into my life since I was 8.

There has been happiness and tears but I've come through it all with my family and my friends.I'm profoundly deaf as a result of a condition called Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions or mitochondrial disease RRM2B as my professor Sir Dough Turnbull calls it! I have had since birth but I didn't find out this til I was 19. I have had 2 cochlear implants (at the age of 8 and then i lost the 1st cochlear implant in my right ear after 7 years due to a bad, accruing ear infection (which I couldnt fight off because of my mitochondrial condition) at the age of 15 and had a 2nd one implanted in my left ear that same year which I have now.

My Story

28 May 2012

major error!!!

oh my freaking god i forgot my saline for like 4 weeks!!!!!!!! i should be changing it once a  week no w ive ended up with this eek!! it shud be clear and 4 mm of saline  in!!

No wonder it was sore lol

25 May 2012


i have been cleaning out my room and all the rubbish i dont need any more and i came across  my pictures of when i got my 1st cochlear implant here is me showing off my scar after getting my bandage removed! it looks huge  but it was worth all the soreness for 17 years of hearing my family n friends n music! the picture below is me showing off the cochlear implant mascots that they give to the kids after the operation this was  in 94 they have got bigger since then i assume they are a kangaroo and koala bear because they got the idea of the cochlear implant from the australians who did it first! i was in for a week n i had my op on the 24th febuary 1994 i had the 2nd one after i lost my 1st one to a bad ear infection and i didnt take any pictures of that one i assume coz i was a teen ager n i didnt want my pic taken n it happened so fast etc!

hot weather..

ohh so warm!!!! arggh my room was like a sauna with windows open lol we nnormally get a breeze from the busy road but its empty at night so no breeze etc  i had to meet my new carer at 11 michelle she was nice enough need to get to know her more tho! i had to drag myself to gym and then work my way through a exercise class at least it was cool in there  afterwards w got a few phamplets to see whats on in hte next few weeks i might try out some swimming clases i aint been swimming since i was a kid coz of the ear infections i used to catch! now its healthy i always a worry that its gonna come back etc but if im on the feed i have more chance of fighting it off!

after the gym we chilled out at the ropewaalk pub to chill to a cold drink outside n catch some rays! then we went home to discuss what we  could do on tues.! ohh we went to  castle hill too before we went to gym that was nice! we admirerd the view up castle h ill  n got some pics etc and we had a catch up n get to know each other after i lost victoria for personal reasons.

i have a funeral to get ready for too sadly which is next friday at his home town of Retford! i llike it there its a tight knit community :) il see all my family n friends couisn etc
hopefully it will be a nice day n we can give him a good send off my uncle who died from cancer on sunday RIP dave! will miss u very much!

anyway thats all for now gonna get on with some crafties tomrw n customaize some cut jeans that my mum cut to shorts n i cna use transfers n sequins etc :) gonna be fun!

19 May 2012

today sucked! ...

Today has pretty much been sucky i woke up too damn early at 9am thats early for me! then i had to have a bath n get ready for a funeral of my brothers co worker at sainsburys n a dear freind used to help her at school she was only 21 no age but she was living on borrowed time coz she had heart problems since a young age.  it was a lovley send off for her but it was sad when one of her friends couldnt do her speech coz she couldnt stop crying i felt so bad for her!  :( 
i mostly went along to support my friends whose mother used to help her n we only had a brief chat before she went off
I was very tired when i got back so i just chilled out most of the evening snf i didnt even move from my seat all night i also put my feed on at 7 so i had the whole 500 calories by the end of the night!

This morning i got an email off one of the free lance jouralist saying she had no luck getting my story in  magazines so i sent her the link of the article in the local paper to see if it would be useful n this morning i got a n email saying i had been sucessful n Chat magazine want to pay me for a story!!

Wow life cant get any better! i help people with mito awarness n get some cash for mito research!

i also waiting for my ebay item to arrive which is a nail art kit n i got 6 cross stitches off a friend on fb  and we paid through paypal! im still waiting for them too she sending them on tuesday she said but theres no rush! :) cant wait to get stuck in! i also got my crafts stuff such my knitted sqaures that i can make into bags but i have to make proto types first!!antway thats all my news for now!!

17 May 2012

new PEG Ttubies...

my ci friend Leah gave me a link for a tubie which is like a safe object to go round your peg to keep it ssafe from infection n its machine washable! i odered one last wek n it came this afternoon the owne r of the site included an extra one sicne i was over seas thank u dave!!
how cool are there??? cant wait to buy more!!

14 May 2012


I have always been intrested in crafts and doing all sorts of crafty things!  you name i do it and if i dont do it i will try it!! haha

i do knitting sewing cross stitch latchhook home made cards tapestry painting i painted the picture that is on the front of the blog regarding cochlear implants! 

I usually just do crafts for friends  but now i want to try n sell some to earn some cash if anyone would be intrested in orders!  i already have 2 friends willing to pay for a phone case and a bulldog bag. the prices  depends on the materials i use and if i have to buy any etc...

most tf the time i buy them off Ebay cheap so i can get started right away n get job lots rather than the expensive craft shops Ebay is just better for buying materials!

i also love doing my nails n doing nail art so im gonna have a go at that too ordered some neon nail varnish colours n nail art stickers n gems off Ebay so im good to go!

im gonna strt working on the phone case tomrw by pinning it mum wont bring the sewing machine down til shes back from work at 3pm coz shes worried il hurt myself! haha

ive worked with sewing machines all through college i know how to work a sewing machine  mother!! ha!

anyway il sort that out tomrw tonight i relaxxx!

13 May 2012


Today i travelled to retford to see my uncle and cousins! was a nice day and got some fresh air in the countryside as my uncle has a industrial farm! he has a nice house on farm land he used to have chickens but not anymore! dunno why! but we visted and made am afternoon of it!

We saw my uncle n couisns on the farmhouse where my uncle his wife n my cousins was we also saw my aunts son n gf which was nice!

We had a catch up and see what everyone is diong nowdays how the farms is doing etc

it was nice to see them and being out in the fresh air and i got to see taffy! little doggy hehe i love her!! i want her!!! hehe  shes so cute n just sits at your feet!

12 May 2012

busy bee

i have a busy weekend ahead of myself  i have to my uncle who has cancer and attend a friends funeral which is crap then i have my nail bar i need to get enroled on a nail course first though get the quaiification then i will be able to do peoples nails n get some money for it! then i have my arts n crafts with the amount of stuff i have in the shed n under my mums bed enough to open a facotry ha!

gona sell some arts n crafts via facebook and ebay and then i will sort out all my clothes that doesnt fit me anymore and also put them on ebay or do swaps with people on fb!

Then im just gonna chill n do some cross stitch n read!

I also want to get a new cat i wish i could have a dog or a cat  but mum n dad dont want to own one lol we have some fish n i am going to see if i can afford a cockatail or a budgie which ever is better! ha id like a cockatail rather than a budgie coz they can talk and mimic etc  id love a hearing dog but oh well

i wont teach it swear words tho lmao aw hehe and= its gona be so spoilt ha ha x

11 May 2012

busy bee...

been a busy day today i got my self outa bed when mum woke me up at 12pm then got myself ready for exercise class with victora.

exercise class was good we were shatterned after it i had cramp where my peg is. exercise did not help lol

We went to relax at costa cofee for a cuppa tea and a biccie then we went to the pet shop to look at kittens budigies and cockatials i wanna get one once i ve saved enough money up it would be great to teach them speech!

Then i chilled out at home with mum moaning again so i had tea n looked on ebay while i played scrabble with my ci mates.
i have been looking at nail gels it would be good to get some uv ones :) i would love to be come a nail technitan but need to go back to college for that. ill look into it more tomrw when i have more time. listen to some itunes while i do ha

i really hope i get a kitten/budgie/ cockatail for bday hehe would be great having a a real pet fish are ok but you cant do anything with them! except look at them lol

anyway bed n lie in for me its gona be a busy weekend! im gona sort through my clothes n sell them on ebay the stuff i have but doesnt fit me anymore ihave size 10 12 stuff thats way too small for me now

anyway toodles for now x

8 May 2012

jazzed up ci...

Cleaned out my room and i found these

5 May 2012


ive caught  a cold off my dad it maybe a simple thing to you or someone whos healthy but someone with a mitochondiral disease it can cause all sorts of problems like chest infections which ain't good news!! i had a chest infection last year and when i went to newcastle last year they were unhappy with me and how i was so i got depressed and ended up being sectioned but of course this was the wrong move for me and i got better on my own with antil depressants and the help of my family and friends

it may be a cold but i havent been able to eat or drink anything for 2 days coz if i do it goes down wrong hole and it wil cause me more problems so i have been on a continuous feed during the day to top up the fight against it coz my immune system is crappy at times! it can easily lead to a chest infections for me so i have been given antibiotics to prevent this from happening!

i only just managed to get some kip and fight this cold off im nearly there im not done yet!! but its still there and at least i can have a cup of tea now :) but im still not eating anything for now til im stronger!
i'll keep on sneezing and all that but i got my tissues in hand and my laptop for playing scrabble with!!! ha who says colds aint fun! :)

2 May 2012

new look....

I thought it was time for a change and a new start life is on the up from here starting with a new blog background! :) hope u like it! x