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This blog follows my journey of 2 different cochlear implants and my condition: Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions I have started this blog 15 yrs too late but ill try my best to fit it all in! I have packed a lot of medical jargon into my life since I was 8.

There has been happiness and tears but I've come through it all with my family and my friends.I'm profoundly deaf as a result of a condition called Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions or mitochondrial disease RRM2B as my professor Sir Dough Turnbull calls it! I have had since birth but I didn't find out this til I was 19. I have had 2 cochlear implants (at the age of 8 and then i lost the 1st cochlear implant in my right ear after 7 years due to a bad, accruing ear infection (which I couldnt fight off because of my mitochondrial condition) at the age of 15 and had a 2nd one implanted in my left ear that same year which I have now.

My Story

6 December 2016

streaming eyes...

im not having a good day i havent been sleeping that well these last few days and now im paying for it with streaming eyes all day. i never used to get streaming eyes til i had the operation on my eyelids and it rarely happens but when it does its horrible i end up with tears running down face blurry eyesight and a runny nose. it feels like a cold but its not. im due to see patrick at newcastle hospital when we go next year til then Mum has to  put antibiotic cream in my eyes. ususally mum has some but we ran out!  Also im getting fed up of the nutrition team keep changing my peg feed tube and syringes and that we have to put a little needle type thing on to use it then we throw it away. dunno what was wrong with the old syringes!