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This blog follows my journey of 2 different cochlear implants and my condition: Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions I have started this blog 15 yrs too late but ill try my best to fit it all in! I have packed a lot of medical jargon into my life since I was 8.

There has been happiness and tears but I've come through it all with my family and my friends.I'm profoundly deaf as a result of a condition called Multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions or mitochondrial disease RRM2B as my professor Sir Dough Turnbull calls it! I have had since birth but I didn't find out this til I was 19. I have had 2 cochlear implants (at the age of 8 and then i lost the 1st cochlear implant in my right ear after 7 years due to a bad, accruing ear infection (which I couldnt fight off because of my mitochondrial condition) at the age of 15 and had a 2nd one implanted in my left ear that same year which I have now.

My Story

29 March 2018

Lack of sleep///

I have discovered that not sleeping is a big factor of a Mito crash . I never slept for 72 hours no fault of my own my body would just not give in . I got very erratic and doing things i wouldn't even think of doing, like going up and down the stairs a lot de cluttering at 3am in the morning , my memory went . Ignoring parental advise i had so much on my mind that i was making lists after lists 
my parents were getting angry and worried about me because i wasnt listending to them or anyone else for that matter i would only do what was on my mind and didnt care how and who i hurt during it.

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